Wednesday, June 2, 2010

it's always best to begin at the beginning...

i'm a little old.

ok, a lot old.

but i've never kept an actual diary, or journal, in the sense of sitting down, taking time out of my day and putting my thoughts, ideas, plans, and mostly observations to paper. (or keyboard and CRT as is now the current vogue). wow, i just realized that the entire paper era of journal/diary/memoir keeping, came and went, and lasted over a century, and i missed it. talk about out of step!

but i figure, at this point, being old, i've observed a lot of stuff. some of it great, some less so, some beautiful, a lot of ugly, some smart, some just plain old dumn ass, and a tremendous amount of funny.

silly and funny and indescribable and unbelievable and if i hadn't witnessed this genre myself, i probably wouldn't have believed half of what i'll describe in the coming days. but that's why i'm here. to report some of my observations along the journey called life, as i enter my dotage with dignity, (although i can't promise it will be a quiet dignity.)

these observations will be in no particular order chronologically, as that would be more of an autobiography and i'm not sure why anybody would want to read that. you each have your own autobiography to write, so don't be wasting time reading mine (should i decide to write it someday). no, this will be more of a how funny is that? kind of thing. or a wait til you hear this kind of story.

and so it is with both excitement and great trepidation that i welcome you (and i do hope there's someone out there.....LOL) to my venue a/k/a, my blog entitled .........

the next installment is entitled "the stiff neck".

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